Several varieties of butternuts are produced by Habata for processing. The varieties have a sweet taste, are cylindrical in shape and are often used as a replacement for normal pumpkin. They are used primarily for processing, but also for eating and in soup.

Grown since: 2006 | In-season: November to July


These melons have a sweet, crunchy taste and are compact in size and round in shape. With their firm flesh, these seedless watermelons are exceptional for eating and processing.

Grown since: 2006 | In-season: December to mid-April


Farming the orange and green varieties, Habata is the biggest producer of melons (spanspek) in South Africa. With a sweet taste, some varieties have suture skins and others netting. Primarily for eating and processing, the long shelf life varieties do not have the aroma of the conventional spanspek.

Grown since: 2002 | In-season: December to March

Habata is a farming company with operations in the fertile Sunday’s River Valley in the Eastern Cape and near Robertson in the Western Cape.